decorated with natural tones and premium furnishings, the wide selection of rooms at Eleven Hotel provides exceptional comfort for couples, families, and business travelers.




What is the cost of your room package?

  • THB 52,000  SGL Deluxe SGL package 16 days 15 nights

  • THB 58,000  SGL Executive package 16 days 15 nights

How can I make a reservation?

How many persons are allowed in a room? What if I come with my husband or wife?

  • 2 person max for husband and wife (a proof document marriage certificate is required)


Can my child stay with me? And if so, what is the cost?

  • Child below 5 years old is THB 26,000 net per person for 15 nights/ 16 days (stay with father or mother)

  • Child below 12 years old is THB 36,000 net per person for 15 nights/ 16 days (stay with father or mother)


Do you provide connecting rooms?

  • Yes, we do for family member.


How many COVID-19 tests are provided?

  •  2 times during stay at day 5 and day 13


When and how do I make payment?

  • Full amount of advance payment is required by credit card or bank transfer in order to confirm the reservation. If otherwise, non-guaranteed reservation will be cancelled within 24 hrs.


Which hospital are you partnered with?

  • World Medical Hospital



How many meals do you provide?

  • 3 selection menu per time/ 3 meals per day.

Are we able to select our meal? And what are our choices?

  • Yes, Thai, Asian and international.

Do you offer Muslim and/or halal food?

  • Yes, we offer Muslim or halal food with Indian chef.


Do you offer vegetarian meals?

  • Yes, we offer vegetarian meals.

Do you provide room service?

  • Yes, 11:00 – 22:00

Is there a minibar in the room?

  • Yes (non-alcohol)




Are we allowed to order food from outside?

  • No follow by ASQ rule and regulation.


Do you allow smoking in the room?

  • No, we do not allow smoking in the room.


Do your rooms have windows?

  • Yes, we have. (Fixed glass can’t open)

Do your rooms have a balcony?

  • No, we do not have a balcony.

Is there a bathtub in the room?

  • Yes, we provide in all executive room.


Do you provide WiFi?

  • Yes, we provide hi-speed Wi-Fi internet 100 Mbps/100 Mbps

What type of TV do you have and what channels do you have?

  • 43 Inch smart TV from LG and 14 international channels.

Do you provide laundry service?

  • Yes, we have (additional charge)

Do you have a swimming pool?

  • Yes, we have but temporarily closed during ASQ period

Do you have a gym?

  • Yes, we do.

Are we allowed out of the room? If so, when and what facilities are available for use?

  • At day 7 after the first test has been approved with negative result.

  • Relaxing area and Gym

Do I need to make an advanced reservation to use the relaxing area and gym?

  • Yes, due to limitation of guest usage only 10 persons in the relaxing area and 1 person in the gym per time (30 mins)