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15 November 2019

EP.7 Pool – 11 Reasons to Stay at Eleven Hotel Bangkok

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The perfect antidote to Thailand’s scorching heat, our pool offers a great spot for spending your quality time. And if you just want to chill by the pool, our terrace is equipped with plenty of sunbeds and a nearby bar for refreshments.
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Close your eyes and enjoy our swimming pool scenery.
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Where the sunshine warms the skin.
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Nothing better than a pool day!
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Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool?
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Starting your day with a dip by the pool and keeping the negativity away.
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Shades of blue invite you to explore.
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Find me under the palms.

Facebook: Eleven Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 11
Tel. +66 2 080 3111

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